Living in a tourist destination… is it good so far?



To live in a well-known landmark can be seen from different points of view.

Generally, a place become popular if it is mentioned in a book either if there are some monuments of paramount importance or if it served as a film’s scenario (Venice became so notorious not only for its peculiar position, but also for the wide range of films shot there).

Regardless, dwelling in a tourist destination can bring plenty of benefits to the inhabitants and to the country itself.

Undoubtedly, it improves tourism and so the economy: tourists are totally taken by countries which have plenty of monuments and places of public interest and, above all, cities made up by some places that point out the most appealing and fascinating features of them (landscapes, sea places, mountains, cultural sites, etc.) and thanks to this reason the economy gets better.

Nevertheless, there are also some negative matter of facts that have to be taken into consideration. For example, a large influx of tourists can lead to drastic environmental issues: more people mean more latter in the streets, more smog and more gathering. This can result in formation of diseases and carelessness of the world that surrounds us.

Miriam Musumeci, III BL