Post truth politics

Di Sara Spandrio

In those years we have all been listening we are living in a post-truth era which means that people are more likely to accept a new story based on their emotions and belief rather than the actual truth of it.

The definition of post truth politics is referred to a politic based on repeating the talking point ignoring the contradictions or the rebuttals. This problem has been described as a contemporary problem which was less notable or relevant before the advent of Internet and social media.

The main reason is that, in those days, the easiest way to inform is using social media because it is as fast as reading a meme and they contains all the information a user wants. But people should know that the contents of social media are based on the reactions of users and they prefer to create a interesting or emotional news than a truth, based on certain sources one. And it is a huge problem because fake news have influenced important politics event as the election of 2016. Indeed during this election campaign was organized a real strategy plan based on fake news spread on social media.

Moreover, an analysis confirmed that during the months before the election, untruth about the candidates got more shares, likes and comments than real stories or traditional contents. And it is probably not a coincidence that most of the fake news stories were in favour of the winner Donald Trump. So it is important to avoid fringe websites and check the information read on social media by using certain sources.