Having children when young

Teen mums”… nowadays there are so many girls who are 16, 17 years old who have a baby. What about this phenomenon? Let’s have a look and think about pros and cons.

Some people say that having children when young is absolutely bad.

However, having children when young has both advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage is that, when you are young, you have less stress, anxiety, worries… you are young, you completely enjoy the life. You don’t get so worried if the baby has the flu or if he (or she) peels one knee. Infact, a young mum is more “active” than an older mum: she is in the mood to play with the baby, to discover the life step after step with him, not sleeping for the entire night is not a problem, she is energy, carefree and cheerful. Moreover, obviously she can better understand the feelings that the baby, one time becoming teenager, has; for instance, if the teen wants to stay out late, the young mum remembers that she’s young too, she knows how funny is staying out late, and so she allows the son to have fun with friend.

Of course there are disadvantages too. One disadvantage is that, you are young, maybe too young. Maybe you have never done the laundry, you have never changed a diaper… What is more, you have the head in the clouds. You are a teen, you want to go out and only have fun with friends. Choosing a stroller, staying at home because you have to look after the baby, singing every evening the lullaby, waking up in the night because the baby cries… you don’t are able to face these problems. Another disadvantage is that you have to stop going to school; of course, if you are a mum, your priority has to be the baby and so you can’t go to school. Maybe you can attend online lessons, but this could be too much. Infact, if you have to stay awake many nights because the baby cries, in the morning you will be too tired to start to study. Last of all, you have obviously less time for yourself; you cannot go out every saturday night, you cannot sleep until midday, you cannot spend the evening watching Netflix series. You have less time for your hobbies too of course.

To sum up, despite all the responsibilities of being a mum, having a child is always something wonderful. A baby make you happier, proud of you despite you sleep less and you cannot often go out anymore, but maybe a teen couldn’t be a good mum. There are ages to have fun and be cheerful and ages to have responsibilities. I think that the best age to become mother is after 30 years old, not before because before you have the right to completely enjoy your life, to be foolish and because nobody could give you back your adolescence and the beautiful moments.

Nicole Valgoi 3AL