Let’s face it, for a year now we have only heard about this irrepressible and wicked virus that has brought dozens and dozens of countries in the world to their knees, ven the most unthinkable. Victims of this health crisis have certainly been the economy of all these countries, which have seen a substantial and important decrease in GDP and other catastrophic consequences (for example an inevitable collapse in tourism).
However, the economic situation is not the only one that aroused many concerns in 2020 and for this part of 2021. Let’s not forget that it was a great beating for workers, mothers, fathers and, last but not least, also us young people, for the which spending at home most of their spare time has never been a good option.
But now I should stop focusing exclusively on the negative aspects of this global pandemic, thus we should better remember everything we have invented to spend as much time as possible avoiding boredom, a big ugly beast.
Of course, once again technology has helped us in order to face this time a real “fight against time” in the true sense of the word. We students, for example, thought we had freed ourselves from school, and instead, since last April, this new word entered our vocabulary: “E-learning”; a word that now frightens us but, to be honest, without which we would all have lost almost a year of school (and which is probably responsable to a 12.7% increase in the purchase of personal computers).
And all this led to the downloading of various platforms such as Meet or Webex which have made a real fortune.
But now word get out: when do young people limit themselves to use technology for school? Certainly not in a period in which even in the afternoon and in the evening we lazed on the sofa. And there it is where the usual Instagram or Facebook have been replaced by this new platform, previously not well known and that now counts over 1 billion users (and this means that about one in eight people in the World has this app). I am obviously talking about Tik Tok, the platform that has made ballets or comic sketches or simple obtuse videos into real entertainment for who knows how many young people all over the World.
Finally, it is useless to say how much this covid has benefited for companies from which you can purchase products online: first among all Amazon, which for example during the last year has added an average of about 1,400 new staff members per day, pushing the its workforce to more than 1.2 million people globally.

So, in conclusion, we can easily state that it is true that this pandemic has completely upset the normality of every single citizen in almost the whole planet, and it is also true that it has also put us to the test, but despite everything once again technology came in handy and we understood once again how much we can no longer do without it and how much it has positively changed our lives since its advent.

Lidia Persico, III M