Pordenone, tank destroys chicken farm

During an exercise an Italian army tank hit a chicken farm precisely in Vivaro in the province of Pordenone on 17 March, at the end of the exercise, they all returned to the base as if nothing had happened. Only the next day did the owner of the farm realize what happened. During the exercise, the military did not notice the damage caused as it did not cause any damage in sight. The Carabinieri of Pordenone have opened an investigation to understand what had happened, in the meantime the 4 tanks used for the exercise have been seized. In all this, the military are surprised by the first reconstruction of the facts in fact they had to aim at a completely different area from that allowed. While the investigations clarify what happened, the web became depopulated with memes such as the fake Wikipedia page with the “Battle of the Cellina”.

Damiano Porto  3 M