Di Maria De Paoli

On April 27 th the F1 driver Lewis Hamilton posted a video in which he plays a guitar that David Bowie secretly gifted to him. The clip shared is accompanied by a description and explanation of the post: the singer sent him the guitar some years ago and Lewis Hamilton was taking it out and playing it for the first time. Even if he isn’t a guitarist, Hamilton showed himself skilled in playing the musical instrument; however he decided to start the description of his post apologizing for any mistakes because “I’m far from good”. Then, Lewis Hamilton states his love for that guitar and expresses his gratitude to David Bowie and his family for the present. Then, Lewis Hamilton posted a new video in which he explained more in detail the story behind the gift, revealing that a couple of years ago he received in his apartment two guitars without any letter or message with them; only a years later he founded out that the sender was David Bowie. Hamilton expresses his sadness at never having known the singer. David Bowie’s widow immediately answered Hamilton’s words by showing his appreciation with emoticons; in the meantime the official page of David Bowie reposted the explanation of Hamilton about the story behind the gift.