Violence against minors

In our society the problem of violence against children is not only still unsolved, but largely ignored. This creates something dangerous and whoever pays the highest price is the minor. The problem has recently become topical again because of some cases of pedophilia which the media have dealt with.  

Pedophilia makes news, the mass media deal with it and everyone is scandalized;  then the days pass, the news disappears and everyone forgets about it. Pedophilia, like any other type of violence against minors, is not a fact of today, nevertheless we continue to recognize its existence only when a fact is reported and makes the news.  Violence against minors exists, exists in a thousand faces and ways and it is alarming for our society.  

Cases of violence against minors are the most difficult to know because they are rarely reported, this for various reasons: young age, inexperience, often the shame of the victim himself, the complicity violently imposed by the family, ignorance, fear.  So it’s necessary to have an instrument that is immediate, easy to access and that guarantees, at the same time, the respect and protection of those who use it. For this reason there are some emergency telephone lines created to help minors: in Italy there is “Telefono Azzurro” for example, in USA the general emergency number “911”.  

The objective is to give the opportunity to minors to ask for help because in some cases it’s better to get out of certain situations than to suffer violence.


Di Martin Luis Zagami 2i