Review: “Good Days” by SZA

SZA was already off to a good start with her impressive first RnB album “Ctrl”; but we definitely weren’t ready for what she was going to put out following her first release. The 25th of December 2020, the American singer came out with a new single called “Good Days”, a song that we can only define as a masterpiece. The song begins with a melodious and dreamy arrangement, that brings us into an angelic state of mind. Soon after the first chords, SZA’s soothing voice softly comes on the track, filling and completing the harmony.

The song is in E major, and although it’s not rare to find songs that use this scale, it’s also true that in pop music it’s not as used as other scales, such as C major and G major.

In the credits, a name brought my attention: Jacob Collier’s. The British singer and composer, not only participated in the production, which makes sense if you’ve ever heard any of his music, but he also joins SZA as a second voice.

The song is about looking forward to good days, maintaining a positive and hopeful outlook for the future.

This main theme intertwines with another theme: she talks about leaving her ex-lover in the past, but without being bitter about it. As often happens in today’s songs a feminist twist is also included, as SZA encourages young girls and women to live for themselves in a futuristic way, leaving their past behind. This last theme in not expressed explicitly, thanks to SZA’s brilliant approach to songwriting.

Overall, the song not only works and is wonderfully crafted, but it gets stuck in your head for days and it’s absolutely addicting.

In conclusion, “Good Days” is a pleasing song to listen to in whatever mood you find yourself to be, and we can only look forward to SZA’s next work.

Flavia Spugnini