Sarah Everard

Sarah Everard dies and all England takes to the streets 

It was the 3th of March 2021 when Sarah Everard, a 33 year old women with everything to live for, disappeared in south London while she was walking home from a friend’s  house.

At around 21:00 GMT on the 3th of March Sarah left her friend house near Clapham, one of the most lighted and safe part of London. 

She was walking across a common route, and she talked for about 15 minutes with her boyfriend on the phone because they wanted to meet the following day. Shame that the next day she didn’t came, and the person who called the police to report the missing was just her boyfriend. 

After a few days Sarah’s body would be found in a wood in Kent, only 30km away from the house of Wayne Couzens,an agent of London metropolitan police, who was arrested for kidnapping, raping, killing and hiding Sarah’s body.

After the press and the news spread the fact throughout England begin addressed in the streets. Feminist movements organize a vigil for the poor Sarah. But during this vigil the police arrived and stopped the protest in the night.

Many women were fined and some even arrested. 

Now London is discussing about curfew and restrictions for keeping safe the women all around the city.

She was just walking home and it’s not about the outfit, it’s not about her curve or her body, it’s about the mentality that this is normal. 

Hope these situations will be not common anymore and while we’re waiting we have to say their name: the name of Sarah and all the other women whose life have been stolen.