The appearance

I agree that people sometimes might be too concerned about the appearance. They worry about how they’re going to be seen by others most of the time.
I think that it is normal that people are suddenly concerned in this topic.
Firstly that’s because they’re strongly looking for their friend’s approval. Speaking of friends, the intention to look like them is stronger than ever. In a public place, where people always happen to compare each other, is comprehensible because of their desire to achieve as many goals as possible.
Regarding being in a public place, it may affect people’s point of view about appearances.
For example if you look celebrities and how much they are followed by loads of people, it’s surprising how much they affect them.
Every time we see a photo on the internet about their latest outfit, it’s difficult not to wish ti have the same look as them. They could have a dangerous effect and I sincerely think that we shouldn’t see them in that way
Celebrities have to be just role models for us.
In conclusion, I think we shouldn’t be so influenced by the ‘perfect body’ model. Everyone is beautiful, independently on how they look on the outside.