The pleasure of eating well and practising sport

Everyone of us wants a perfect body and amazing shapes. What could we do to improve our body’s shapes?

First of all we should understand that having a beautiful body and being happy with it, is important for our mental health. Having a correct diet, practising sport and trying to don’t have a sedentary lifestyle make us happier.

So: let’s start with breakfast. There’re lots of other foods healthier than “cappuccino with brioche” and less caloric. Try to eat for instance a yoghurt with oat flakes and dried fruit. It would be satiating and light, ideal for good starting a new day!

Having a break during the morning is important to have energy to concentrate during lectures. We should optare for something healthy: having not Ding Dongs but a fruit or a fresh-squeezed juice would be obviously good and healthy.

At lunch we could have a dish of pasta or rice, we should try to avoid packaged sauces and prefer tomato sauce. Eating bread isn’t something negative, our body needs carbohydrates and, moreover, bread is a very satiating food. Of course we shouldn’t exaggerate, but eating a slice of bread cannot also make us happier.

Having a break during the afternoon is indispensable to avoid being so hungry at dinner.. What shall we eat? Try to avoid Ding Dongs and crips and choose a fruit or some vegetables. Carrots, for example, are good for our skin, hair and eyes.

If we have just eaten carbohydrates at lunch, we should opt for proteins at dinner: tuna fish, chicken, lamb, eggs with legumes… these are good examples of food containing proteins.

If, after dinner, we are still hungry and we are dying for dessert, we can eat some light biscuits (“Oro saiwa”, “Oswego”, “Pavesini” are ideal: light and satiat, they will decrease our sweet tooth) trying to avoid biscuits like “Gocciole”, “Oreo” and “Milka” because they are very caloric.

What about sport? Try to have a moved lifestyle: don’t use the escalators, prefer scale, go to school by foot or by bike and don’t use your car if the journey you have to do isn’t long.

Practising sport is useful not only for our fitness but also for our mind. There are lots of activities which are funny and interesting: for example, running half an hour allows you to burn more or less 300 calories.

So, let’s have a moving lifestyle! We will obviously be happier.

Nicole Valgoi 3AL