In memory of Gustav Elijah Åhr

I wanted to write about “CryBaby”: it appears as the fourth mixtape by Lil Peep, the singer’s stage name, which was published on June 10, 2016, in autonomy. After Peep’s death, it was released on streaming platforms on June 10, 2020. CryBaby features GOTHBOICLIQUE members: Cold Hart, Lil Tracy and WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL. This album is composed by eleven songs, the only single has the title “Absolute in Doubt”, and it was recorded in collaboration with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. The title “CryBaby” represents Peep’s tattoo above his right eyebrow and he also explained his motivations: he contemplated the world as lonely and sad, he knew about the existence of many unlucky people and that there are so many others who desire to reach success like he did, so this tattoo remembered him to be grateful for his life. The songs express his true feelings, in fact, as we know thanks to his friends words, Peep was always funny, he desired to make the people around him happy. At the same time we can find his sad songs, where he wanted to make people reflect. The music could have been an outlet for him, something where he discovered himself; moreover, he talked to people through it. I think that in the song “Nineteen” we can find his personal thoughts and the most important ideas: in this song he exposes his desires, opinions and doubts to whom he answered only with his reflexions. There is a girl in his songs, she seems so much important for him, also someone who may have inspired him. In his songs we can also hear about his drugs problems: many people could consider this like a bad example, but I believe it is the contrary. It was so bad for him, but his reflections make you think, he wasn’t happy for that life style and he showed the worst effects of drugs. This way, people can see how to avoid this situation and his end confirms this. I believe that it wasn’t his plan to be a bad example, he didn’t want to be an example at all, maybe he wanted to show something to be avoided. Both topics appear in the “Lil Jeep” song, the girl and the drugs problems, here he screams his pain. I chose this album because I believe it is Peep’s representative ideal. I want to invite everybody to listen to these songs and also try to understand his thoughts. I love his music, every day I have a new song that describes my mood. I don’t know how to choose my favourite song, but in this album I find my reflexions, especially in “Ghost Girl” and I think that “Yesterday” should be an inspiration for everybody: «yesterday is not today, is not the same». The last sentence remembers me that it is always possible to change things. I love this album and I love so much the singer, his reflexions capture me, when I hear him, the world does not exist, in those moments I see only his music.

Giulia Morelli 4N